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Dinosaurs Cards & Quiz Game

Dinosaurs Cards & Quiz Game

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Get your kids excited about dinosaurs with our fun and educational 3-IN-1 Dinosaurs Cards & Quiz game! The perfect educational tool for young dino enthusiasts!

3 IN 1: These cards can be used for multiple games and for different ages, making them a great value for families.

CARDS: This set includes 14 beautifully illustrated cards, each featuring a different dinosaur, its name, and several interesting facts about it. With colourful illustrations of popular dinosaurs, these cards make learning about them a fun and interactive experience

QUIZ: The quiz component of the game tests kids on their knowledge and encourages them to learn more about these fascinating creatures. Designed for children aged 5 and up, this game is a fun and engaging way to introduce them to the world of dinosaurs

MATCH HALVES: The matching halves component is the perfect addition to any young dinosaur enthusiast's toy collection! With 14 beautifully illustrated cards, children can match 2 halves of different dinosaurs to create whole creatures.

HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: The cards are made with high-quality card stock, ensuring they are durable and long-lasting. Thick card stock and matt finish feel velvety and robust at the same time - perfect for sensory plays.

TRAVEL KIT: A perfect distraction for your kids during those long travel hours. Whether playing at home or on the go, this game is a great way to inspire a love of learning and discovery in your children.

Get ready for some prehistoric fun with our 3-IN-1 Dinosaurs Cards & Quiz Game!
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